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Writing across genres -
          Speculative fiction woven with time-bending love stories
Ancient Indian Legend Meets Contemporary Romance
Published Stories

Dreams and memories of Stone Walker - the girl in the canyon - lure two back to Sunset Canyon, into each other’s arms, and straight into an ancient curse.

 “I like how the Native American legends are coalesced with the contemporary mystery. The plot is well constructed, intricate, and well-paced. The protagonists are well developed and have depth. Readers will easily relate to Darcy – she’s smart, witty and strong minded. So you can’t help but be on her side when she determines to find her sister, Deanna, and embarks on her own investigation when the search by the sheriff’s department failed. I feel that Blood Stones is a solid, cross genre read that has a bit of something for all readers. All in all, this first installment is a good start to the series.”

                                               Review by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorites

 Cast In Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa

The legend of the haunted canyon continues - the search

for answers comes closer to revealing the truth.


The Nora Pigeon Talking Board Mysteries

Cozy Mysteries of The Arcane

Short Stories in Anthologies:
   "One Hellishly Hot Night"  in Greatest Anthology Written
   "Blue Moon Blues"  in Deadlines: Murder and Mayhem
on the California Coast, Vol. 2
Works in Progress

Time Seeker 

A series of time-twisting mysteries

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